Travelling with various carriers

Traveling with various carriers 

There are quite a few different public transport carriers in the Netherlands. All these carriers are responsible for their own ticketing. This means you have to check in- and out when travelling with a specific carrier. By doing so, their systems calculate the rate that you are being charged with.

This process can be slightly confusing, which is why we want to explain the process by the following example.

Example: You travel from Utrecht to Valkenburg (Limburg). You travel via station Maastricht, where you have to transfer. This means you travel with NS from Utrecht to Maastricht and with Arriva from Maastricht to Valkenburg.         

This means you have to check in with NS in Utrecht, and check out with NS in Maastricht. The trip continues with Arriva. Therefore you have to check in with Arriva in Maastricht, and check out with Arriva in Valkenburg. It is captured pretty well in the picture below.

Please note: When you have to transfer from one train to another, you ONLY need to check out, and check in again if you change carriers. For example, if the first train is from NS, and the second train is also from NS, you do not need to do anything. 


How to rent an OV-fiets (public transport bike)

In the Netherlands we are famous for our bikes. We call bikes 'fietsen' and 'biking' or 'cycling' also 'fietsen'. We use bikes all the time: to commute, to get groceries, to visit a friend, anything actually! With the ISIC Mobility card you are also able to rent a bike called 'OV-fiets'. On a lot of train- and busstations you can rent your very own OV-fiets. But how does it work exactly? This can vary per location. 

1. At larger stations OV-fietsen are often rented out by an OV-fiets employee. In that case, take an OV-fiets (it's unlocked) and go to the exit. The employee will scan your ISIC Mobility Card and the key of the bike. You are now good to go and peddle away.

When you return, the employee will scan your key and the bike can be put back in place for the next person to use.

2. Self-help service: Although the appearance of self-help service locations can differ, it works pretty much the same everywhere. Just walk up to the machine, follow the instructions and everything will work out! 

For more specific information about how to rent an OV-fiets, please visit the NS OV-fiets website. Click here to find the nearest OV-fiets location.